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Return of No Point 

Small specks of snow began to fall from the sky; not enough to warrant a shelter, just enough to let them know that winter was still here. 

"Shit," Suki said. She looked at all of them and shook her head. "It's worse than I thought."

"What do you - waitaminute..." Donnelly looked around at the others. "What's happening?" 

Suki frowned. She snapped the cell phone closed - no signal to the Professor either. "I told you, there's some sort of threshold event occurring. Or is about to occur. Or just occurred." She looked to Scorpio. "Somewhere in that LEGACY-tailored brain of yours is the all the data on your ex-team's shift protocols. Frank had it stored in his, you gotta have it buried somewhere in yours."

"And so what if I do? How did this Frank-guy remember these whatever-you-called-them?" 

"We need any stable reference points we can get if there's a shiftstorm happening - safe-houses, phone numbers, records, contacts, anything. Or we could all get lost." Suki smiled, with a hint of sadness. "Frank's recovery involved a warlock, a tattoo-artist and a bungee-jump..."

Father Donnelly looked around, scanning the rest stop. The barren trees, the faux-wood exteriors of the washrooms, the picnic tables gently frosted with white, all slow-cooked in the orange of the lamp-post. 

His voice sounded high-pitched when he finally spoke. "Where's Mayganne?"