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Point Of No Return

Small droplets of water began to fall from the sky; not enough to warrant a shelter, just enough to let them know that spring was finally arriving. 

"Fuck," Suki said. She looked around at them all and shook her head. "It's worse than I thought."

"What do you mean?" Donnelly asked. 

"Means there is a lot more brewing here than the Professor informed me about!" Suki said. It was the first time Scorpio saw the woman snarl. And it scared the hell out of him. "Fuck, this is bigger than Version Orion."

"Version Orion?" said Scorpio. The mention of that name stirred something in his memory, but he couldn't quite place it. 

Suki tried the cellphone again, her thumb dancing over the keys and bringing it up to her ear. She shook her head. "There must be several major shifts going on; whatever has happened has caused a shitstorm in the plureality."

Donnelly glanced at Suki. Even though he had just met her a few hours ago, he knew in his gut that she was a good soul. He chuckled at that thought. 

"Max is lying low isn't he?" Mayganne inquired.

"Max doesn't lie low," Suki replied. "He stirs the pot."