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Waking with the Marmalade

Max awoke. He was lying on a bed in a small room, and no one was saying "Poke him again," which was a good sign.

He glanced around his room; the window was open and he could hear the sound of the city beyond it.

His first thought that he was somewhere European, maybe a bed & breakfast kind of establishment. 

He swung his legs from the bed and touched the wooden floor, and as his feet moved he could feel a tingling sensation shoot up them.

Outside his window he heard Frank arguing with a man, though it sounded French.  

I don't know French. 

And yet he could make out the gist of the conversation. Frank was asking the man about a tall slender fellow that was rumored to appear in a blinding flash of light, naked as a jaybird.

Max leaned out the window and saw Frank standing below, and off to one side he could see Angst leaning up against a car painting her nails. He was going to say something but the door to his room opened.

Max turned to see who entered.