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Saga of a Dimensional Universal Footbal Player

Max walked through the foyer with a soccer ball tucked underneath his arm. He wore a bright yellow t-shirt with a red letters declaring "DENY". He was stopped at a checkpoint by a security guard and passed through a metal scanner. 

You could tell it was a soccer ball and that the words "Official" were printed in bold red letters on it. He hit the 'up' button on the elevator and stepped inside just as the muzak version of Momma We're All Crazy Now started.

Max smiled.

He answered his cellphone since it was vibrating against his leg like a dog in heat.

"Yo," he said.

"Where are you, Max?" Goner asked. It sounded like he was involved in a huge battle as explosions and gunfire could be heard in the background.

"I'm just about there," he said. "Keep your pants on."

The line went dead as Goner hung up.

As he stepped through the door onto the roof he dropped the soccer ball onto the gravel and gave it a tiny kick up. He keyed his cellphone and hit *666 and then spoke, "You got it."

He gave the ball a kick and watched it sail into the air.