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You Don't Know Max

A flash play.

Cast of Characters:
Gabriel 7

TIME: The Present
SCENE: A subway platform. Two benches along the wall and two vending machines. MAX is lying down on one of the benches asleep. FRANK and GABRIEL 7 are by the vending machine trying to decide what snack to get. MAGGIE is looking at a poster on the wall. DEXTER enters.

DEXTER: DAMN. [to Maggie] Did I just miss the train?
MAGGIE: It just pulled out a few moments ago.
DEXTER: Double Damn!
MAX: You kiss your mother with that mouth, Dex?
DEXTER: It's none of your business. And how do you know my name.
MAX: Sorry friend I didn't mean to offend. It's just your aura screams Dexter.
MAGGIE: No worries. You do kind of look like him.
DEXTER: You guys are weird.
FRANK [calls to MAX and MAGGIE]: Yo. You guys want a soda or juice?
MAGGIE: A beer would be nice.
MAX: That it would be.

[AQUA and WRAITH emerge from the washroom]

FRANK: It would be nice if one day one of these platforms had a beer dispenser.
MAGGIE: Then it would be just like heaven.
DEXTER: You guys escape from a looney bin?
MAX: Kinda.
AQUA: I hope the train arrives. I'm getting nervous just waiting around some.
WRAITH: Dexter?
DEXTER looks around.
WRAITH: Dexter it is you!