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A Brand of Adventure Awaits...

Suki awaited for the arrival of the car; she stood there leaning up against a pillar playing with a yo-yo. Akimoto sat at a bench reading the paper and munching on an apple; it'd been a while since he had eaten an apple and he loved the tangy taste of it. 

Max was by the cigarette machine trying to figure out what brand he was in the mood for. Looking at the brand names and studying them like an archeologist at a dig site.

Suki wandered over to Max and let the yo-yo tap him on the shoulder.

"You shouldn't bother a person when he is doing a reading," he told her without turning towards her.

"A reading?" Suki questioned.

Max didn't reply, he just reached for a knob... but he wasn't getting that sensation, so he moved over to the next one and his hand trembled a bit.

"Bingo," Max said and he pulled at the handle.