Current Transmissions:


The Train Kept On

Suki happened to be playing a gameboy; she was kicking serious ass on the game that she was playing. Aqua was glancing over her shoulder and making the odd "watch out" comments now and then.

Akimoto was sitting lotus position on the floor near the back; he was meditating, and the fragrance of incense floated throughout the subway car like a summer breeze through an alley.

Max happened to be chatting with Bishop at the conductor's booth. Both were going on animatedly about their lives and what was the current course of action.

"You know it never ceases to amaze me of what worlds await," Bishop said after sipping a cup of coffee. 

Max gazed out the side window and saw the blur of several realities intermixing like a sample on a DJ's turntable.

"This is just tip of the iceberg stuff," Max replied. "Wait til we get to the fun stuff."