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A Critical Juncture is Fragmented

"You're alright for now," Mags told Suki. She put the wet cloth on girl's forehead and made sure that the blanket was wrapped tight. "Help should be arriving shortly. Just hang in there, Soo."

"Is that my name?" Suki asked weakly. "Can you say it to me again?"

"Suki," Mags comforted the child. 

Suki smiled, "That's such a pretty name. Sounds Asian. Am I Japanese?"

Mags smiled and nodded as Suki opened her eyes; a tear streaked down Mags' cheek and Suki reached up to touch it.

"Are you taking me to heaven?" Suki asked with the innocence of a child. A fascination in her voice as if she had seen Mags for the first time.

"Not today if I can help it," Mags said with a wink.