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Refractions of Oneself

"What you are saying is that we are all the same reflection of someone's fingers in a glass of water?" Goner questioned. He watched as Max took a cigarette out of a pack and lit it.

"You are not getting the point," Max told him as he leaned forward, and he pushed the clear bowl of water to the center of the table. "We all could be just one entity living different agendas."

"I call bullshit on that," Goner stated.

"Let me prove it to you," Max said; he held out his left hand and spread his fingers apart. "Like fingers on a hand, each are the same but different in a way. Varying in length. Now look what happens when I dip it in the water..."

Max dipped his hand into the bowl and leaned down to look. He pointed out the refraction angle to Goner. Goner was still trying to figure out what the whole thing was.

"The top of the water is a barrier. Outside the level it is air while below is water. You see my fingers, they are being shown at a different angle from the barrier I penetrated."