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The Sea Remembers

Max and Maggie pulled into the lot to see several mourners leaving a grave site. 

"You sure you want to do this alone?" Max asked.

"Yes," Maggie replied softly; she gazed into Max's eyes showing him that she was serious about this. 

"I'll be right here listening to Celine Dion," he quipped and that made her chuckle just a little.

She leaned over and they did a chaste kiss and she got out of the car.

Maggie placed a yellow rose on the grave; she wiped a tear from her eye and stood up and faced the mound before her. She reached inside a pocket and pulled out a ticket stub and placed it on the top.

"You thought that you were going to die on that night," Maggie said softly. "But you lived a long and productive life afterwards."

Maggie turned and walked away, as the ticket stub flapped open in the breeze revealing her first class stateroom on board the Titanic.