Current Transmissions:


Close Encounter'd

Max sat on the chair and swiveled about. He felt like he was Marlon Brando playing William Shatner in a role. Though he really couldn't fathom who this Brando was... a friend at one time? His attention now was to the front windshield and the ship that was approaching.

"Angst, do we have a reading on what it is?" 

"Nothing captain," Angst replied. She moved the chair over to the scanners. She was scanning the readouts. "Whatever the fuck that thing is, isn't detecting. And they are not answering our calls."

"Well, they aren't very hospitable." Max swiveled back in his chair, "Goner! Turn this bird around."

"Rightio, Mon Captain!" Goner said as he eased the stick around. The ship began to turn.

"Steady as she goes," Max ordered. "Angst, make sure you deploy the fusion mines."

"One step ahead of you, Boss," she replied. He fingers hit the button and released a dozen behind them.