Current Transmissions:


The Teaser...

Darius skated down the block, through the throngs of people who seemed to part from him. Tucked under his arm was a bible, the cover black and worn and the once gold letters that stated it to be "The Holy Bible" had long since disappeared, having been used constantly.

His trench coat billowed about him and his crucifix swung around his neck like a pendulum in a grandfather clock. To the naked eye he seemed like a normal kid. He slid to a stop in front of a restaurant and kicked up his skateboard and caught it, and he went inside. 

He loved coming to this place, not because of the $3.99 dinner buffet - though that was bonus and as a kid with no fixed address money was hard to come by - but the atmosphere to him was nice. He always felt at ease when he came in here.

The door chimes jingled as he entered, making some heads turn from the counter and the old woman who stood behind it as well.

"You're late," she told him. "Your lunch is getting cold."

"Thanks Mai," Darius replied. "I got held up."

"Eat up before it gets colder," she told him like a mother would tell her child.

Darius headed to his usual table and saw that the food was already set and a can of soda was sitting there waiting for him. 

As he walked past a tall fellow with sandy blonde hair and a t-shirt stating "Control" he could feel a sensation of deja vu. But he was sure that he hadn't met this fellow at all. He was about to stop and say something, but the fellow just sipped his cup of coffee.

Darius placed his bible down on the table and his skateboard beside him and began to feast on today's only meal of the deal for him.