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> Chance in Plureality

Once Upon Times Past

The eagle feathers swayed back and forth, attached to the long red braids of hair. The shards of light of downtown's neon glow and moonlight reflected off the green pools of Twofeathers' eyes.

She enjoyed these evening walks when she could take them. Only under the full moon glow could she experience it like this. She had hoped she'd see him tonight. It had been years since Rome, and even longer since that night in Time's Square. She had not seen the others either, but she felt them from time to time.

With a smile and a last glance up at the moon, she turned and headed through the bustling Saturday night streets. She occasionally wobbled on the new high heeled shoes; she still hadn't gotten the hang of them. Not that she really needed to walk but it kept up appearances.

As she made her way past the clamor of movie-goers exiting a nearby theatre she took note of a black boat of a car sliding slowly down the street next to her. That was when she felt the Fear.

"Their auras.... aren't in sync..." she whispered aloud to herself. She was watching the two men in the car, who in turn were watching her.

It pulled to the curb and stopped.

Twofeathers stopped as well.

The two men got out of the car, almost perfectly in sync with one another; they looked at the young woman with the feathers in her hair.

"There's the reality deviant... " said one. The other checked what looked like a smartphone. 

"Twofeathers..." he finished.

"Um... Hi!" she said with a quick smile and playful wave.

When the men reached into their coats she reacted... The time for blending in was gone and she made for the subway. Her heels didn't click and she didn't stumble, she wasn't walking anymore, more of a glide.

The thugs gave chase, knocking aside the people leaving the theatre in a hail of insults and popcorn. Twofeathers neared the stairs leading down to the platform underground and vaulted over the railing leaving only a quick glimpse of the eagle feathers trailing behind her.

"Quick before the train arrives!" Their voices carried over the sounds of car-horns and down the stairs after her.

Unfortunately the platform was all but empty as she leveled out. Her eyes darted left and right looking for somewhere to hide herself. The graffiti on the wall taunted her. "No Place To Hide". Her hands shot to her chest where a third feather hung from around her neck. This one white... almost so white that it cast a glow into the surrounding gloom of the dank and dimly lit platform.

Hurried footsteps sounded at the bottom of the stairs as the two thugs caught up.

"You've got nowhere left to go, Deviant..." one started.

"Come with us and you don't have to get hurt. The Outlander wants to have a word with you," the other finished.

"I don't know who this Outlander is... but I'm pretty sure I don't have anything to talk to him about. If he's anything like you guys seem, he can't be very nice," Twofeathers said softly, with a chime of innocence.

A low rumble began to rise around them. The thugs approached slowly, each drawing a stick-like object from their coats.

Twofeathers held up her hands in front of her, her fingernails elongating slightly. "Guys... didn't your dads tell you not to hit girls?" She began backing away, as a rush of warm air swept past, strewing the braids and feathers around wildly. Bits of discarded papers and other debris rolled past; Twofeathers noticed the white feathers that were mixed within them. The low rumbling grew louder, as light began to glow from behind her.

"Look freak... we're to collect you... as long as you can answer questions after, it doesn't matter how..." 

"We know you know how to find the Angel. This can be easy or hard, but Goddammit it's happening one way or another," the two threatened.

The rumbling quickly shot to a deafening roar, and a quick flash of white as the train hurtled down the tracks, but it didn't deafen the sudden clicking of footfalls. White feathers collected around the thugs' feet along with scattered newspapers. 

Twofeathers smiled. "You guys are in for it now." She turned her head slightly, as a figure stepped out from behind a column. She expected boots, but saw a shine of sleek shoes, where jeans should have been, pressed pants. The coat was still long, but had a more professional feel to it... a few feathers drifted out from under it. The cross hung from a chain and rested across a white shirt. His face was older than she had thought it would be... covered in stubble, but with that same cocky smirk. His hand rose and pulled some hair away from his face.

"Threatening a woman... AND blasphemy... You two aren't reeling in the points right now, I don't mind telling you."

"The Deviant... Angel..." 

"Darius... " They checked the smartphone-like object again, and took a step back.

"You... you came back!!!" Twofeathers dove into him, gleeful tears down her cheeks. "What happened to your face?!" she asked, puzzled.

"HA! Even Angels grow up pretty lady..." Darius laughed, and wiped a few of the tears off her cheek while returning the hug. "...and fall down."

"These guys were going to kidnap me for someone named the Outlander..." Twofeathers pointed accusingly from under Darius' arm.

"Well, we should probably teach them some proper manners then, shouldn't we... But after that, I need to find the others... Where's Max?" he continued.

Twofeathers smiled wide and cracked her knuckles while eyeing the thugs... "Sure, as soon as we handle these guys... we'll take a trip... Lucy should know where they are."