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The MaX Factor

The summer sun was slipping away, sinking like a ship upon the horizon or more like a drowning man still maintaining life as long as possible. 

Max turned the car down the dirt road, heading up to an old farmhouse. It was old and the windows long since smashed and boarded up. The road hadn't been used in a quite awhile, and the tall grass was rubbing along the underbelly of the car.

He stopped near the front steps and sat in the car, turning it off but keeping the radio on. His fingers drumming to the beat. He looked at the rickety steps leading up to the porch of the house, the rails knocked over and the paint long since vanished. 

He cracked a smile when he heard an old tune on the radio, it brought a floodgate of memories.

His watch began to chime, it was: 9:19. He shut the car off and got out and headed towards the abandoned building. As he touched the first step, he felt the wave of dimensions - it felt like he was stepping through a waterfall into a hidden cave. The steps were painted a fresh white colour, and the lights on the house were on. The door to the house was opened, but the screen door was closed and he could hear the sound of a tv set inside. 

He cracked another smile when he heard a young girl's voice declare, "Uncle Max is here!"