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The Incantationalist

Maggie looked at the maggot on the palm of her hand, staring at it as it wiggled about trying to latch back onto the rotted parcel it was eating. With a tilt of her hand the tiny devourer of flesh rolled into a coffee cup. 

She then plucked a strand of hair from her head and proceed to tie it into three knots. She smiled as she did so, and then added that to the cup.

She reached across the table to obtain the final ingredient. She reached inside the ashtray and took a pinch of it and then dropped it into the coffee mug. She muttered to her self, something that sounded like an incantation. 

She reached over and poured coffee into the mug, and as she did the patterns on the cup began to swirl.

"Perfect," she said. She stirred the cup and then smiled.