Current Transmissions:


Pen is Mightier

The doorbell jingled as Darius entered the coffee shop; he stopped and stared at the chime overhead and he marveled at the wonders of a simple device that alerted those within earshot that someone had entered.

With the world constantly spinning ahead in technological wonder, here was an old wind-chime still doing sentry duty. He shook his head. 

He kicked up his skateboard and headed over to a booth, still with a simple smile on his face.

Joan the waitress had a glass of lime water placed at a booth. She proceeded back behind the counter and placed an order without even taking it. 

"You're a saint, Joan," Darius said as he slipped into the booth. And then he chuckled to himself when he realized what he said.

"Thank you, Dar," she replied and flashed him a smile. 

He reached within his pockets and took out an old bible and a pen and a notepad and placed it on the table by the window.

"What do you write in your journal?" Joan pried. She was bored and just wanted to make some small talk. 

"Oh you know, the usual," he started. "Battling demons, fighting hordes of undead zombies, having coffee with an angel."