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Mana Hit

Goner was bored and was tired of riding the rails; it seemed like they were in the car for hours with no end in sight. 

Various platforms phased past the windows, each view a different take on a Salvador Dali painting. He was restless and wanted out, just for a few moments of fresh air.

He glanced around the subway and saw everyone either catching 40 winks or meditating. Except for Aqua who was sitting and listening to her digital audio player. 

"What are you listening to?" Goner inquired. He plopped down in the seat next to Aqua; he could hear the music escaping from the crevices around her ears.

"Mana Junkies," she replied. 

"Those wieners? Man that's crappy music. Why don't you listen to Plastik Kyngs or better yet Dexx3r. They have rad sounds!" he told her. "Mana Junkies. What a wimp ass name for a group."