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The M is for Moxie

"Max," the voice on the cellphone said, "are you ready?"

"That I are," I answered. I butted out the cigarette and fished another one out of the pack that said Smoking is dangerous to your Health. How dare they tell me something that I already know? A warning is like Dr. Phil stating the obvious. Makes me upset.

"I'll be in front of your place in nine minutes and thirty two seconds," the voice stated. "Be ready."

"You telling me what to do?" I asked.

"You want to play the game don't you?" cellphone said.

"Under my rules," I replied. "I am not your Pavlovian dog. If that's all you want then find someone else."

There was a long pause before cellphone finally said, "Sorry."

"Not accepted," I said. "I will be waiting."

I placed the phone back in its cradle; it somehow reminded me of a youtube video that I had watched when I was a few years younger. Before the opening. Before the gates of plureality opened. I laughed. I was ready.