Current Transmissions:


Project: Backflip

"Here's your orders." Weldwood Que, LEGACY cell team leader, slid the file across the desk to Frank. "Initial observations rated him as a complete wild card. His personae is one of a fractured soul."

Frank picked up the file and began to scan through it. There sat the photo of his intended target. A spiky-haired, 30-something man dressed in a grey t-shirt that declared ASSIMULATED. His intended termination project name stated him to be: Max Cube.

"A worthy opponent. Do not judge too hastily since he is a very dangerous man," Que said as he stood up and faced the window. Clasping hands behind his back and overlooking the city like a sentinel. "Consider him your top priority."

Frank stared at the face of his new nemesis and then began to do some reading on him. Learning that on a South American mission, Max shot his mentor in the back of the skull and fled into the jungle. 

"He's gathering his 'dragons'."

Frank looked up at Que who continued to speak.

"He's got a small few under his guidance. This makes him extremely dangerous."

Frank nodded. This was going to be a hard kill indeed.