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Don't U Just Know It?

The first sensation he felt was that he was chilly. 

Max awoke on the subway, naked except for the bright yellow t-shirt that declared Cool. The two"oo"s in cool looked like eyes looking down. He was cold and chilly and he didn't know where the hell he was and how he'd gotten here, and he was wondering where his pants were.

"Excuse me, mister," said a old lady standing over him. She was holding up a pair of shorts with a price tag on them. "I just bought these for my grandson but I think you could use them now."

Max looked at her and took the shorts. "Ummm, thanks ma'am".

The old woman gave him a wink and then went back to her seat. "One has to be careful in the city. Especially on the subway. You know how those jokers are."

It was early morning and Max glanced out the subway window to see the false dawn. He ran his fingers through his hair trying to figure out where the hell he was and what the heck had happened.

"Wild party?" the old woman asked from her seat. She went back to reading the City Sun paper and Max could read the front page story: "Man Wanted For Questioning".

"Not too sure," Max replied. His head pounded as if some small fairy had flown in through his ear and got en lost and was now pounding to get out again. "Where am I?"

"Purgatory," the old woman replied with a smile. She folded the newspaper and put it on the seat beside her. "You know that you are not going to last too long if you don't know what city you are in."

"Swell," Max whispered as he slid the shorts on. He looked down at his legs and could see that he would need to spend a few more days in the sun. The shorts were dark in colour and the next problem was to find proper footwear.

The subway car was slowing down as it approached a stop and the old woman got up and headed for the door.

"Can I get your name and a place to contact you," Max said. "I will pay you back for your kindness."

"You already have," the old woman said. "Years ago."

Before Max could ask her another question she had stepped off the car and onto the platform. It took him a couple of moments for the shock of her answer to wear off.

He stood and stretched and that's when he saw the Jester in the next car. And the Jester just smiled at him.

"Son of bitch," Max swore. He glanced around in his car and saw another one sitting in the back. "Those bastards."