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Remix: A Realization In Time Saves Nine

Archived Event: A Realization In Time Saves Nine

The bullets zinged past him like angry hornets after a bear. Max stood there looking about the scenery, assessing the situation. Suki was firing the godhammer back at the pack of hellhounds down one hallway, while Mags did her dance among two dozen no-named mooks with the katana sending body parts parcel post. Frank watched it all from the van, studying the streaming feeds from the drone hovering just above Max.

He saw Max bring his hand to his face, staring intently at it. Frank tweaked the camera angle to get a better view - the Dragon Girls were in the thick of it, but something about Max was making Frank uneasy... He saw Max take the pointing finger from his right hand and slowly bring it to the palm of the left, and Frank saw Max's finger disappear into his hand. Like a magician amused at a parlor trick he did it a few times. Frank checked the feeds to make sure it wasn't a glitch in the camera.

Max muttered something, too low for the drone's mic to pick up, looking up at the ceiling, as if looking up from a table-top. Looking directly into the camera. He spoke again, louder. "Show yourself, you bastiche."

Frank toggled the panel-mic. "Max? Who are you talking to? What the hell just happened?" Then he saw the hellhound on the second camera feed, it managed to dodge the blast from Suki's weapon, it was leaping towards Max, Max was still staring at the drone, the strange look on his face, the hellhound's teeth like razors and fire...

"Max! Be here or don't be here but pick one!" Frank shouted into the mic.

Max blinked and spun and drew his guns.