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Remix: Cube

Archived Event: Cube

Max sipped from a water bottle while waiting in a lounge room. He wiped sweat off his brow with the towel draped over his shoulder. He was tired and very sore and he didn't think he could press on. 
So this what it feels like to be past your prime. 
"Man, that was intense," Goner said as he strolled over. His t-shirt was soaked through and he was starting to reek from sweat. "Best yet, I'd say."

Suki smiled from the corner where she sat tuning her guitar.
"Well, like wine one improves with age," Maggie said. She was sitting on the edge of a sofa teasing her hair. 
"Or turns into vinegar," Frank added after taking a long pull from a beer.
"You always have to see the negative in everything, don't you Frank," Goner said to him, shaking his head. "That's one thing that I didn't miss."  

Suki said, "Frank's just a realist." Then she started humming a melody.
"You know, I never thought I'd be back here today with you guys," Frank said. He was sitting on a director's chair, with a bucket of beer on ice beside him. "I think I'm getting too old for this kind of shit. But when an opportunity like this comes up, nostalgia kicks in."
"You'll never get old in my books," Angst said as she emerged from the bathroom. She was having trouble doing up the zipper on the back of her mini-dress. She turned her back to Max, who reached over and zipped her up. Angst noticed the tune that Suki was singing, saw her begin to pick out some notes on the guitar.
"Didn't you wear that in Vegas?" Aqua chided Angst. "Looks like the same one."
Aqua received only the finger from Angst.

"Getting bitchy in our old age, eh?" Aqua shot back at her with a smile. She dropped down into the corner beside Suki, listening to the quiet music coming from the instrument.
The door to the room opened up and Morganfokker strolled in. "I think you guys better get back out there. It's going to get wild if you don't."
Max nodded and he turned to the rest and said, "Let's rock." 
Goner ripped off his t-shirt and grabbed his drumsticks off the stand. "What's the encore going to be?"

Max noticed the song that Suki was playing. Everyone paused for a moment, all together again after so long, the faint roar of the crowd like a storm in the distance. They all listened to her play and looked at each other and nodded.

"Let's do something new," Max said. "Anyone got any new material?"

And Suki looked up with a huge smile on her face.