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Remix: Into the Well of Darkness...

Archived Event: Into the Well of Darkness 

"You sure about this?" Goner inquired. He stood at the edge of the well and looked down; he was shaking off the unsure feeling. Of all the weirdness he had been through in the past few days, this was certainly unnerving. 

Joy scanned the treeline, shadows and branches and fog woven together. Menacing and spooky. She could tell that Goner was getting creeped out, so she put on a brave face and joined him at the well's edge. Gave him a playful tap with the barrel of her shotgun.

Max walked up beside them and glanced down. "The old lady said this was the way." Joy was pretty sure that Max sounded less-than-certain, and she hoped that Goner wasn't picking up on it.

Goner picked up a brick that was off to one side and dropped it over the edge; they watched the brick disappear into the darkness without a sound. Joy saw Goner shiver.

"I hope the hell you are correct with that old lady," Goner said. "I hope she didn't lead us into a trap. You know there could be that demon girl from that horror movie I watched waiting to feed on our souls." Joy could tell he was trying to make a joke, except given how the last few days had gone, it wasn't all that funny.

Max took a long puff from the cigarette; he exhaled the smoke into the air and then he flicked the cigarette off to one side. He was stalling. Joy had been through enough shifts with him to know that was a bad sign.

She holstered her shotgun over her shoulder and pulled out her phone. Tapped the screen. "There's this new app..." she said. "Measures the ectoplasmic vibrations of nearby spatial nodes that could indicate the presence of paranormal entities..."

Goner looked at Max. "Is she joking? Paranormal entities?"

Max said, "AKA Ghosts." He smiled and winked at Joy.

Goner looked at Joy. "You're joking, right?"

Joy looked up from her phone. "We're clear," she said. And shoved Goner into the well. Max nodded a thank-you and jumped in next. Joy unholstered the shotgun and jumped in after them.