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Christmas Spirit

"You coming?" Angst asked; she was on the phone and she was decked out like one of Santa's elves. Goner was in the background trying not to stare at her, and Akimoto kept adjusting himself so that he could be in the line of site. Which irritated Goner.

Suki, Aqua and Mags sat around the table playing a boardgame. Wraith was sitting outside on the balcony watching the city below, while Dex was sipping a rye and cola at the end of the balcony.

"Shortly," Frank replied at the other end of the phone. "Just taking some me time."

Angst laughed on the phone, "Well the gang is nearly here, except for Max. You guys are fashionably late as usual."

"I'll be there shortly," Frank replied. "Ciao."

"Merry Christmas," Angst said. "And be here shortly because I don't know how long I can avoid the mistletoe with Goner around."

Frank laughed and tapped the screen.

Frank stared out the window looking at the snow falling, a newspaper folded up on the table where the crossword puzzle was the main focus. He had a pencil in his hands and was using it to tap along the side of the mug.

It was Christmas Eve and nearly all the shops were closed at this point. Except for Good Times, Good Tomes in which the gang had a vested interest. He was alone at the moment and sipping on a coffee.

There was a banging on the front door coming from downstairs. Frank immediately went for his gun, and proceeded down the stairs. At the door there was a homeless man knocking.

"We're closed," Frank called through the glass door.

"I just need a cup of coffee to warm me up," the homeless man said. "That's it, that's all."

Frank had tucked his gun in the back of his pants and reached for the door. Turning the locks on the door. The homeless man turned to blow at his hands.

As he did two glowing eyes could be seen.