Current Transmissions:



Max's finger tapped the side of the cup. He didn't realize that he was doing it, but when he heard the sound he stopped. He was sitting in the corner table at a diner, watching the door. His laptop was open in front of him and his finger hitting the arrow key as he was scrolling down the pages of various images.

"Isn't technology grand," the waitress said as she came over and refilled the coffee mug. "You have the entire world at your fingertips."

"Entire worlds," Max corrected her with a smile.

"So what is a fellow like you doing here alone on a Friday night?" the waitress asked; she was a young twenty-something girl and she was obviously flirting with Max.

He had started coming into the diner five weeks ago, every night around the same time and had brought his laptop with him. So she figured she'd make a move since he was obviously single.

"Waiting for a friend," Max replied, and he could see her look turn to a sort-of frown. "And then it's off to somewhere else."

"Oh," the waitress replied; she kept her friendly tone. Though she knew her luck was always bad and that she was cursed to be alone. She gave him a perky smile and headed off to the next booth where two gentlemen were sitting and chowing down on some food.

Max typed on the laptop. He typed in the name of the waitress, 'Kelli', and following, 'will win some money and live the cozy life'. He hit the Enter button and smiled.