Current Transmissions:


> Anna in Plureality

- a hacked transmission suggests that The Professor may be looking at this one. Let's keep an eye on her....

She wears army boots with the laces undone with jeans or leathers you'd have to peel off as her default attire. She has penchant for t-shirts tight enough to make it clear she's a girl usually with statements that ranged from vaguely to completely offensive... ' Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them'. Generally those same shirts are shredded or see-through at the back to reveal a series of surface piercings on either side of her spine laced with ribbon so they resembled a corset. Her hair is a mane of very dark brown, wavy with long bangs (frequently in her eyes). Make no mistake though: she can dress up and fit into club clothes to tramp it up with the best of them or don formal wear wrapping about herself as naturally as any blue blood. 

She is what you want, not just her. Men want to be with her, women want to be friends with her. It's not just that, but everything. What you want is immediately known to her and she enjoys using it. Teasing you with almost getting it and feeding from the delicious taste of your disappointment. It melts on her tongue like chocolate covered cherries, oh so sweet with a center to bite on (that moment when you realize what you want is just out of reach). 

She is fiercely loyal to the few friends she has and has no problem getting right up in your face and mentally squashing you if you mess with them. Not that she can't take care of herself physically, it's just more fun mentally. 

 Traveling a to b she gets around on her bmx or, if she needs to be expedient, hot-wiring cars which she breaks into using one of the variety of knives in her collection (one of which is invariably on her person). She'd love a motorcycle, but that would require getting a job and what the hell. She has more fun as a street rat. Why not live off of the stupidity of others, so easy to steal from. So easy to sucker people into giving her what she needed to live the way she enjoyed.