Current Transmissions:


Three Seconds After Midnight


CLOSE ON Max's bloody face. Max stirs, his one unswollen eye opening.

MAX'S POV: we see that he's in a dark room with a light shining down on his face. He can make out some shapes just beyond the light, hidden in the shadows.

PULL BACK: we see that Max is naked, both wrists secured behind him. He is battered and bruised. He lifts his head to see what is around him. He sees a dozen beasts sitting in the shadows, snarling and smacking their lips.


ANTI (voice)
Rise and shine.

Nothing to shine about.

ANTI (voice)
Just be thankful that I am in a playful mood. Or else you would of been Alpo already and excremented out to be stepped on.

What do you want? Did Control send you?

Anti laughs.

Control is none of my concern.

Max has a puzzled look on his face.

POV: we see a woman's legs standing off to one side. Her hand pats a gruesome hellhound's head.

ANTI (voice)
You, my dear friend, and your squad have caused me some very serious problems of late...


Glad to be of service.

ANTI (voice)
Don't play coy with me, smart ass. I have you right were I want you. I could end your life any moment with the snap of my fingers!

RUFUS (voice)
Are we going to kill him?

ANTI (voice)
In time.

Anti steps into the spotlight, but we don't see her face. Just her legs.

(a look of recognition on his face)
Well, I'll be.