Current Transmissions:


The Drop Zone

Max came down the stairs; he hit the bottom floor and glanced down the hallway. He walked into the kitchen, and grabbed a butter knife from the counter and placed it into the rucksack and slung it on his back.

He went into the study and hit the play button on the computer, his playlist of songs that he had chosen the night before. He put on the earphones and adjusted the sound on the computer and nodded. He walked out the patio door where he dove over the rail.

Apartment 909
Constance Talons stepped from the patio doors and out onto the balcony; she had on a flowing housecoat and was carrying a cup of coffee. She had the morning paper tucked underneath her arm, she placed the coffee down onto the table. And put the paper on the railing. Max zipped pass and grabbed the paper.

Apartment 609
Darel LaPointe was enjoying his morning crescent and his coffee. He sat and watched the sun slowly crawl from the east. The sky was cloudless so it was going to be another beautiful day. He glanced at his wristwatch and turned to the side. He took an envelope that was sitting on the table and held it out over the railing and within seconds it was gone.

Apartment 309
Kristal Vancourt & Allyse Nolle were leaning up against the balcony. Allyse was leaning back and looking and then turned to Kristal.

"He's one his way," Allyse said.

"Who is he?" Kristal asked. "Like a version of Jackie Chan?"

"Who knows," Allyse said. "But he's dreamy."

Kristal rolled her eyes and took three bobby pins and held them out over the side of the railing and they were gone in a blurred action.

"And why is he doing that?" Kristal asked. "Like why can't he use the elevator?"