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It's Spiders, Man

Max skimmed across the floor like a hydrofoil; he was on his back and firing up at the ceiling as hundreds upon hundreds of fist-size spiders poured out of the air duct. It seemed that the bullets were propelling him along the floor.

He was getting as far away as possible; he had seen tons of freaky stuff in his lifespan in this reality and the others as well, but it was spiders that truly creeped him out.

"What the hell?" Frank asked, as he saw Max skim pass him. He was coming out the side door with a tray of drinks and he dropped them down to the ground. He looked down the hallway to see what Max was shooting at. "Crap!"

"What's going on?" Angst asked from the room. She could see that Frank wasn't a man to drop something as precious as coffee onto the ground. She grabbed a staff that she had collected and headed for the door, as Frank dug out a weapon.