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If the Sun Refuse to Shine

Max looked at the invitation and then at the building; it was abandoned and boarded up. It looked like it hadn't been used in a number of years, and was now a derelict of a past that the future had forgotten. He dug out a smoke and lit it with a wooden match before proceeding forward.

Max checked the invitation again; this was the place that was written. He walked to the front door and gave it a tug and it opened, like magic. He stepped inside. The door didn't creak as he closed it behind him.

Dust and garbage littered the foyer and he stepped inside. Peered around. He walked into the place; it was an old bar, with a dozen or so tables scattered about. Except for one that had its chairs overturned and a candle burning on it, as well as a cold beer and a glass waiting for him.

He took a seat and reached for the glass; no sooner had his fingers touched the cool surface when music seemed to pipe in. The opening chords of a Led Zeppelin song, but sung by Duran Duran. His attention was brought to the stage as a curtain parted and Mags stepped through them. She was dressed in a red silky outfit, and raised a microphone to her lips.

Max smiled.