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A Cake Walk

"You think that this is just a cake walk," the beast said in a guttural voice. It was the first time that it spoke. It was battered and bruised and slowly regenerating its wounds; it needed to stall in order to regenerate fully. Then it could tear this bitch limb by limb.

Maggie stepped forward; she kept her eyes on the beast as it tried to prop itself up with its only good limb left. She knew that it was trying to get her mind off the situation at hand.

"It's all about the cake, baby!" Maggie said. She had the pump-action shotgun in her hands and pulled the trigger, sending the demon back to whatever hell it came from. The body of beast disappeared as it imploded into nothingness.

It reminded her of some cheesy vampire movie after hunters had stabbed a vampire, as it turned to dust.