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Car-jacker Gets Surprise
by Mall Walker
Rouge City Press

A would-be car-jacker chose the wrong car to steal this morning, authorities said. 

The suspect tapped the car window Wednesday morning with a gun and motioned the driver to get out, Chief Deputy Mike Markers said.

Before the driver opened the door, a young lady wearing huge gauntlets and a cowboy hat came out of nowhere. She slammed the would-be car-jacker into the ground, and hit him several times.

A shot was fired during the scuffle but no one was hurt, Markers said. He said the driver managed to call 911. When police arrived the occupant of the car was looking over the would-be car-jacker.

Police have arrested the would-be car-jacker and are looking for the heroine who stopped him. Anyone seeing a young girl in a cowboy hat and huge gloves are asked to call the RCPD.