Current Transmissions:


Listening to the Night Surf

The sound of the surf was soothing as it lapped up onto the shore; somewhere a guitar was playing around a campfire and many voices were echoing a chorus. Maggie sat on an outcropping close to the water; she was sitting on her hands and looking up at the stars.

A boat drifted by in the night; its lights were on and the sound of more merriment came across the water. It was, after all, the birthday of a nation and everyone had reason to celebrate. The sound of someone approaching snapped Maggie out of her daydreaming; she turned to face whoever was coming.

"You coming back to the campfire?" a voice asked out of the darkness.

"Not just yet," she replied. "I'm enjoying my solitude here."

"You miss him don't you?" the voice asked.

"Yeah," Maggie said. She turned back to face the water, as tears began to form in her eyes.