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Finding an Artifact

Maggie lay down on the rock outcropping; she had binoculars and was scanning the valley below. She could pick up the three forms down at the base of the pyramid. She wished that she had a stronger setting so that should could zoom in and see what was going on.

Beside her on the ground was a map of this section of South America. And there was some hand written notes scribbled along the borders. She was satisfied that the information was indeed correct. She took the items off the ground.

She crawled back from the ledge and stood up. She dusted off her clothes and tossed the binoculars onto the ground. She turned to the duffel bag, knelt and unzipped it.

She took out a mesh vest, her katana, an uzi with a dozen clips, and two Widley Wolfs with several cartridges. She picked up the mp3 player; it was battered and scratched and had what appeared to be specks of blood, now faded to a dark brown. She looked at it, as an archaeologist would do to a rare find.

A tear welled up in her eye, and a soft smile cracked the serious look on her face.