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A Random Encounter of Sorts

Kowloon was busy this time of the year, as citizens prepared for the upcoming festival. It was approaching fast and merchants where stocking up on trade so that when the tourists arrived, they would be gouged out of some pretty money.

Though it was early morning, the streets were packed with sardine-like people going about their business. The city was bursting with tons of folk, for Kowloon rarely slept.

Mags walked down familiar streets - she was dressed in jeans and a tank-top - and took in the sights. She stopped at a fruit vendor, peered about the apples and selected one, handing the vendor a crisp bill and he smiled in return. Mags continued on her merry way.

She crossed the street and headed towards The Shiny Sun, a greasy spoon of a restaurant that specialized in Western food. And she was in the mood for some greasy high-cholesterol goodness. The chime jingled above the door as she entered, the restaurant was nearly packed.

"Maggie!" a voice called.

She looked over and spotted someone she hadn't seen in a little while. A smile flashed upon her face and she strolled over to the table.