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Conversational Piece

"What are you saying?" Angst asked Frank. "You are saying that Maggie is not who she says she is?"

Frank was sitting on a chair in the kitchen; he leaned closer to Angst and shook his head. "No. I'm just saying that she is older than she looks."

Angst leaned back in her chair, giving Frank a weird look. "After all the shit I've seen and the places we've been and the stuff that we've been through, it doesn't surprise me one bit."

Frank grabbed a smoke from the table and lit it. He took a long satisfactory puff. Angst wasn't getting at what he was saying. So he might have to illustrate the point.

"Look," he started. "You and I have traveled realities and shifts and even been to the first gates of hell. But we are getting older, aging."

"So?" Angst stated. She was trying to reach the depth that Frank was swimming at.

"So," Frank said. "But Maggie has been something like this for a long, long time."

"Meaning?" Angst asked; she was missing the point.