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} Somewhere Between Page 1 and Page 4 - for J.D.

"You okay, Mags?" Aqua asked her, after tapping her on the shoulder.

Maggie snapped out of her daydream and shot Aqua a smile. "Yeah, sorry, was drifting off there for a minute."

"You sure picked a hell of a time to go off on a tangent," Aqua told her.

"Sorry," Mags apologized. 

Both girls were sitting down on the ground, behind a concrete wall. Mags shook the cobwebs from her brain and started to asses the situation at hand. Aqua was flexing her fingers in the gauntlets she was wearing.

"We only got one shot at this," Aqua said. "And I don't want to end it like Butch & Sundance did."

"But didn't they have fun doing that?" Mags said with a sly, wry smile.