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Nothing Lasts Forever Including Cyberain

Apple City 2123 AD

The rain fell in the cold predawn morning and she didn't care. She stood on the lip of the doorway looking down the street, remaining partially hidden from the casting of lights. She watched a diner's neon lights begin to flicker and that's when she stepped out into the cold embrace of the rain.

The neon lighting declared the diner to be "Now Open".

She entered the establishment. The doors parting like the red sea for Moses and she stepped inside the comforting embrace of mercury lighting. She slid into a booth and her fingers danced on the table top.

A sound emanating from the back, indicating that her order was received and would be processed.

She moved her hand over and a holographic screen emerged on the table, two news anchors reporting the events of the hour as they happened. She waited for her order and turned as she heard the door open and watched three kids enter the place. They all were dressed in black slickers.

An Asimo 451 waitress appeared with her order. Rolling across the floor with built-in wheels, gliding like a mechanical angel over clouds.

"Here you go, Maggie," the Asimo 451 model said.

"Thanks Jen," Maggie replied; she motioned towards the slicker trio and said, "Prepare for trouble."

Jen's head turned slightly, her sensors picking up on the trio. "How can you tell?"

"When you've been around the block a couple of times you can make an educated guess," Maggie replied with a wink that wasn't lost to Jen.