Current Transmissions:


> Karen in Plureality 2

Steps formed from fractals coming together and disappearing as they climbed, towards what she did not know.

“So what’s the deal here, Max?” she asked

“Ah, you’re going to love this Raven. It’s genius, even for me," he said as more steps appeared and disappeared from the grid, which had rolled and flattened as required. “Just watch out for Mor…”

The words melted into the air, and the floor, and the walls, as Max disappeared and Raven fell… no, slid towards an unknown destination.

Damn! What now? She tried to right herself but things were changing too quickly, pitching and rolling, so she relaxed into it. That’s better. Wonder what Max was trying to warn me about? 

“Good evening, Raven," he said, as he peered through the beaker that held a golden liquid.

She looked out from her cage at the man in the white lab coat. Reaching out, she touched the bars and brought fingers back quickly, as they sparked in response.

“Cute," she said. “So what are you, the evil scientist?”

“No, no. Nothing quite so dramatic. My name is Morganfokker.”

“Well, nice meeting you Fokker but I was in the middle of something.” Raven looked toward the ceiling. So where’s the exit on this contraption? Wish I had my slice. 

As the thought came, so did the slice. She could feel it in her hand and she smiled. Ok then. Thought creates reality. Nice. 

“I require you to tell me what Max has created,” Morganfokker said.

“No can do, Fokker.”

“It’s Morganfokker.” He frowned. Noncompliance was not what he expected and it disturbed him.

“Whatever. So, like I said, nice meeting you.” She sliced the bars and flipped the cage over Morganfokker when he opened his mouth to speak, thinking stairs, then slide, as each thought transformed into reality and she heard his voice fading into the distance.

Nice. I could use a burger, and up ahead a diner appeared and she entered and sat down at the counter, smelling the burgers on the grill and thinking, ”Where the hell was Max?”