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Prelude to a Dream

August 11 2000 

Max stood with his hands clasped behind his back, looking at the map of the world he had just tacked up. He was still sweating from the morning workout. His wounds having healed nicely, it was time to add fresh new ones to the fold. 

The alarm clock radio was tuned to a station. And at 6am the station popped on in the middle of Billy Haley & The Comets' ' Ling Ting Tong'. 

"Okay," Max said. "Phase one done. Now for Phase two."

He didn't know why he subjected himself to this life.

He watched as a black fly crawled on the map. He was waiting for a sign. Then there were three flies crawling over the map, and shortly they were converging at one spot. His attention was honed into the signal and he nodded. 

"Well now," he said.

He fished a cigarette out of the flattened pack and took a wooden match out of a film canister. The container was decorated with a few symbols, which were hard to make out since they were well worn. But Max knew what they were.

He struck it and the stick lit up. He brought the match to his face and looked at the blue fire with a greenish tinge to it. He touched the match to the cigarette and puffed. Savoring it's taste. 

He picked up his cellphone and dialled a number. His fingers moving like a leaf in the breeze.

"Hey Pretty," Max said. "Can you rustle up some tickets?"

"Sure thing Max," Pretty said. "Where to?"

"I think I am needed in Kowloon."