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The biting cold chilled Maggie to the bone but she ignored that and kept running. She thought that she should be used to situations like this. One minute you're sitting in a warm cabin resting, the next you're flying out the door being chased by some goons. 

All she had time for was to grab her katana. She was barefoot and being hunted by several trackers; it was a good thing that she knew where she was going. 

Trump trotted alongside of her, maintaining his pace. He knew that at any moment several slugs could rip his hide apart. But being a gentlecat it wouldn't be proper to hide on a lady.

"Pleasant company you keep," he told her. "Friends of yours?"

"Dearly," she said. She paused for a second to get her bearings and then she heard the hounds braying. They were getting close. "Unrelenting bastards that they are."

"If worse comes to worse you could use me as a shawl," Trump said.

"Getting lazy are we?" Mags stated with a wink. "I know you just want to get your paws on my naked body."