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Naked Woman Found
By Vickie Sekrettz
International Press

[BLUE ROCK) Blue Rock Sheriffs have appealed for help in identifying a naked woman who has not said a word since being found running along the interstate.

The woman, believed to be in her late 20s or early 30s, was found naked with no possessions or identity papers. When police pulled up along the interstate, she just walked in from the woods and sat in the back of the cruiser.

Police officers have tried speaking to her but she has not responded to any questions, a police spokesman said. 

"Apparently she was on the run from someone," said Blue County Sheriff Nick Ward. "Poor girl is probably still in shock."

She was given a pen but would not write anything and also stared blankly at a sign-language expert who was drafted by police to try to communicate with her. 

Authorities released a photograph of the red-haired, fair-skinned, thin, 1.72-metre woman in case someone recognizes her.

Police are investigating a burning cottage in the northern woods. Maybe there is a connection to the naked woman, says Ward. "Until then she is at the hospital under observation."

The woman is being cared for at General Hospital and appears otherwise healthy.