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Subject: A Girl Named Aqua?
Date: Sept 23 2005
Tags: Weird, Strange, Odd

I met a weird girl this morning, she called herself Aqua, and she saved my life. I was standing waiting for the school bus when a shadowy figure moved from the alley towards me. It looked like the size of a big dog, but it was all black and had glowing red eyes.

Before I had a chance to scream I heard this: KIIIIIYYYYYYAAAAAA! And then this cowboy chick lands infront of me and kicks the shadowy dog into next year. She asked if I was okay and I said yes. I asked her her name and she said: Aqua.

I ran back to the house and told my mom about the rabid dog. And she told me not to tell stories and to get to the stop before I missed the bus. Why don't parents believe us?

Well, since this is English Lit and I should be working on my book report I just wanted to note this strange encounter.