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Knicks in Time

Dexter Washington was heading down the stairs to the platform when he heard the subway pulling into the station. This was the train he needed to get him where he was going in time to take in the pre-game festivities. He picked up his pace.

He was in a good mood, having scored Knicks playoff tickets. It had been a very hard day at work and now it was time to relax, take in the game and head to O'Malley's afterwards for a few rounds. 

Once he got lower on the steps, he could see the end car's door beginning to close. He sprinted for the door and stuck his arm forward to stop it from closing completely. There was no way in hell he was going to wait another 20 minutes for the next train.

The door opened and he squeezed through. The car wasn't full. He noticed a funky looking teenaged white girl in a cowboy motif. Looked like she was wearing some huge gauntlets. His eyes scanned the other passengers. A huge fellow decked out in a t-shirt which declared My Kimono Is At The Cleaners. He was sitting down in the middle of the floor in what looked like a yoga position. 

Great, thought Dex. I had to pick a car with circus refugees. 

A weird sensation of deja vu started to tickle at his mind. A feeling of dread slowly rising. He had been having a lot of nightmares lately, and had been working hard to convince himself that they were not, in fact, memories.

That's when he noticed the schoolgirl sitting there; she was reading a text book. Which seemed normal enough to Dex. Alright. Alright, it's okay. 

Which brought his attention to the fellow sitting directly across from the girl. That's when the feeling of dread washed over him like a tidal wave.

"Max?" Dexter said in disbelief.

Max turned and smiled and said casually, "Mr. Washington. I was wondering when we were going to finally meet up again."

"Craptacular!" Dexter said, realizing that he wouldn't be making the Knicks game after all.