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The Needy

Max pulled the car into a roadside stop. He parked at the far end of the lot; there was only a winnebago close to the restaurant. 

"Why are we parked here?" Pretty asked.

"Looks like you could use the exercise," Max replied. 

Pretty George got out and stretched; this was the first time he had been out this way and away from his routine. Max glanced at his chronometer; the time was 11:22pm. They had been on the road for the past few hours.

"You famished?" Max asked Pretty.

"Ya," Pretty replied. "I could go for a bite."

"Then it's set," Max said. He opened the car door and rolled down the window and tossed the keys into the driver side seat.

"Something going on?" Pretty asked.

"Call it a hunch," Max replied as he walked towards the building.

Pretty reached inside the backseat and grabbed his travel bag and then caught up to Max.

They sat in a corner booth in Mickey Dee's. Pretty had a hamburger and fries while Max ate a salad. The restaurant was practically empty except for the staff behind the counter and an elderly couple who were sitting there discussing travel plans.

"So what's the scoop, Max?" Pretty asked. "Why are you dragging me out in the middle of god's country?"

"It's hard to explain," Max replied; he glanced at his watch again. Then he looked out the window to the parking lot. Pretty's attention turned to the window as well, as a young girl was walking up the ramp. She was passing by Max's car and she peered inside.

"She going to take it?" Pretty asked. "Is that why you did that?"

Max just held up his hand signaling Pretty to wait. 

The girl stood there looking around, and then she opened the car door and slid in. She took the keys and started the car and peeled out of the parking lot and onto the freeway ramp, speeding off into the night.

"What now?" Pretty asked.

"She's needs it more than we do," Max replied as he returned to his meal. "Besides, I brought you hear to work your magic on that couple over there. I don't have very good people skills."

Pretty nodded. Ever since he met up with Max & Maggie his world had taken a little spin.