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Increased Security For New City Subway System
by Kate Mallory
Staff Reporter

[New City] -Sept. 23, 2005 -- LEGACY Security Solutions, Inc. , a leading provider of security products and services, announced this morning that it has begun to install a subway video surveillance system as part of a pilot program for the New City Police Department (NCPD). 

"It's time to crack down on the criminal activity that happens in the subways," said Willow Daylen, NCPD spokesperson. "With the recent rash of events that have been going on, LEGACY has stepped forward to offer their services."

The program features covert wireless video surveillance engineered by LEGACY to observe criminal activity underground. Multiple subway locations in the Borough of Manatan will be monitored over the course of the next 60 days, based on historical crime statistics, and the NCPD will also use the new system as a counter-terrorism tool in high profile areas. 

LEGACY's secure, covert technology has already been deployed in three undisclosed subway locations - leading to two arrests within the first hour of operation. 

"It's the dawn of a new age in fighting crime," Markus Control, LEGACY CEO, commented. "The cube affect will be hunted to the max."

When asked to elaborate on the last statement, Control just nodded.