Current Transmissions:


Time for a Cool Change

In a dark room, red LED lights turned from 5:54 to 5:55 and that's when the alarm chimed on. The buzzing stirred the figure on the bed.

Max's head hurt; he awoke with the feeling of a million needles poking his brain trying to get the proper response. He felt different. He felt reborn. The sensation of going from one environment to another, like opening a door in a stagnant room to let the country breeze blow through.

A shift must have occurred last night, he thought. He swung his legs out of bed and they felt awkward for a moment. After each shift there were some residual side effects, and he could never get used to them. He stood up, his legs buckled and he caught the dresser to steady himself. That's when he when he noticed that he had breasts.

"Now this is new," he muttered and glanced into the dresser mirror to see a feminine form looking back at him.