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Hollywood Actor found
By Hugh Benhad, Associated Press Writer 

LOS ANGELES - The nearly two month search for an Academy Award winning actor ended Friday after a Malibu resident was awakened by the sound of gunfire. 

Tom Klick was awakened early Friday morning when gunfire erupted on the beach behind his ocean-side home.

"I called 911 since I knew there was no movie being shot at our location," said Klick. "After I did that, I took a look out back down to the beach and saw the Stark with a red haired woman battling some 'critters' on the shore."

Klick knew it was the missing Evans Stark since he is a fan of the actor, and thought they were filming a scene down by the sea. The resident said he didn't see any cameras but the action on the beach looked like some kung fu movie.

Just before the police arrived, there was a huge sound like a wet sack being torn apart and then a flash of a bluish-white light, then all fell silent, said Klick.

Police arrived shortly after and discovered Stark lying 40 feet from shore. 

Police said that there was no evidence anyone was actually pursuing the actor, who has worked on such films as "Fisticuffs" and "Cube's Seven".

Stark was taken into custody because he was deemed mentally incompetent and possibly dangerous to himself, said a police spokesperson. 

Stark was questioned by medical and mental health workers and taken to a hospital to make sure that he was in good physical health. He was to be transferred to another hospital for observation.

Police are trying to locate the red-haired woman.