Current Transmissions:


Like Realities for Water


SUKI is sitting near the back reading a comic book. MAX is two seats down wearing a cowboy hat and a t-shirt that declares "OLE". He is slumped down trying to catch a few winks. AKIMOTO is standing - he has an mp3 player and is listening to some tracks.

The subway car is zipping along many realities at the moment; mutants, dinosaurs, aliens, futuristic persons, hollywood stars, and the like all merge with each passing platform.

The train begins to slow down a little. AKIMOTO takes off his head phones and places the mp3 player down on a seat. SUKI closes the comic book and checks the Godhammer. Max straightens up and stretches. He takes the cowboy hat off and places it on the seat beside him.  

(voice over the intercom)
Arriving in destination in 1 minute.

The realities past the windows are slowing down, revealing full scenes. Our trio of heroes pay no mind to what is going on, all focusing on the stop. Getting up and walking towards the doors. Each of them taking a different doorway to the platform.

On the platform are myriads of human-looking beasts, drooling and dripping blood. They seem to be a mockery of humanity at it's worst.

(whispering as he brings his guns up)