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Like a Dove Amongst Ravens

Maggie stood and looked around; she was looking for something but couldn't remember what it was. She was sure that whatever it was that she was looking for was here.

She walked to the window and looked out and saw nothing but the blankness of space and time. She was trying to puzzle it together. Something was chiming and she couldn't tell what it was; it was the most annoying sound that she had ever heard.

"Maggie," a voice calls to her, carrying a hint of surprise.

Maggie turns to see the being made of energy, no features, no face, just a bright light of sorts. 

"Are you okay?" the voice asks.

Maggie has something new growing inside her; she thinks it is fear. Is it fear? She doesn't know, but it's the first word that popped into her brain. The energy being steps towards her.

"Ain't you going to answer your cellphone?" the voice asks.

"Sell... fun?" Maggie said the last word; it sounded strange and foreign as if she was using her vocal chords for the first time.

"Maggie?" the energy being asked, stepping closer. "What's happening?"